The Mastermind is the leader of KORPS.

The Mastermind

Biography Edit

His consciousness was transferred to a computer after MI9's assault on KORPS ten years ago, when he was severely wounded. He managed to transfer himself to Zoe in The Final Endgame, but this was reversed and Zoe escaped. However, The Mastermind lived to fight another day. In The Last Stand, he was successfully transferred into Keri's body. However, Keri's consciousness went into The Heart to stop The Crime Minister gaining control of Britain and to reverse the mind transfer. His consciousness died soon after.

The Mastermind has created over 80 clones, to try and resurrect himself in a new body. He thought Zoe was his ideal clone, but it turns out his calculations were wrong and she wasn't.

Trivia Edit

  • In The Final Endgame, his true form is seen for the first time.
  • In The Mayze, his neuron containment case had been moved to an area in the wall behind The Crime Minister's chair.

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