Keri Summers is a member of the MI High spy team.

Kerri Summers Field Agent

Biography Edit

Keri is one of the many clones of The Mastermind, originally named J.4.5.K.3.R.1 and is effectively Zoe's sister, although they never meet on screen. KORPS exiled her years ago, believing her to be a failure. She, along with another clone J.6.3.L.1.B.1 (Libi) received special treatment at KORPS. Dan didn't like Keri, as he wanted Zoe back.

Trivia Edit

  • Keri is one of The Mastermind's clones. The code on her arm is J.4.5.K.3.R.1.
  • She has a habit of filming or taking photos of everything.
  • She makes her first appearance in The Mayze, joining the MI High team and St Hearts.
  • She can learn very quickly, as seen in The Mayze and The Shadow Games.
  • Her known relatives are The Mastermind, Zoe, Libi and Kloe.
  • In The Mayze, it's revealed that she was brought up in the STERNUM labs with Libi, before being thrown out.
  • Her best friend is Trina.
  • In Frankenstein, she revealed that her adoptive father is into history.
  • In The Shadow Games she was mistaken for an assassin and was found to be good at drama.
  • On many occasions, both Stella and Dan have wondered if Keri is good enough.

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