Kenneth Flatley is the headmaster at St Hearts.

Mr Flatley Series 7

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He is easy going but has a determined streak and an obsession with getting things right. He really believes in St Hearts and it's pupils. He has great patience and works long hours without complaining. Though there has been no improvements in school results, morale or truancy levels, Mr Flatley's optimism remains un - dented. He gets on well with Frank, shown in The Hive as he calls Frank when he is trapped.

MI9 Edit

Mr Flatley has absolutely no idea of any of the MI9 activities happening at the school. Ironically, he is often right in the middle of an MI9 situation.

  • In Grosse Encounters, the team retrieve a piece of the space craft M.Y.R.A from him by pretending to be aliens.
  • In Mission:Incredible, Mr Flatley, Mr McNab and the St Hearts students are on a school trip in Boldovia, something organised so the team can carry out their mission.
  • In The Hive, The Crime Minister are at St Hearts, commanding those under the control of Jubblyade.
  • In Old School, Mr Flatley becomes Prime Minister, a move orchestrated by Jemima Thursday.
  • In The Dark Wizard, William Todd Williams holds a Blade Quest convention to cover his plan to destroy the world as we know it. This convention is held at St Hearts, with Mr Flatley witnessing the final showdown between the MI High spy team and Williams, although he thinks it is simply a performance.
  • In One Flew Over the Budgie's Cage, Frank is sent to a nightmare treatment centre. Mr Flatley and several pupils visit him, and he sees Dan, Aneisha and Zoe there, although he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him.
  • In Prison Break, he broke out of the Helberg, the most secure prison in Uttland, with his class, thinking it was part of a school field trip.
  • In Inheritance, Grand Duke Nicholas briefly joins St Hearts, under MI9 protection.

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