Daniel (Dan) Morgan is a member of the MI High spy team.


Biography Edit

Dan Morgan (St Hearts student and MI High spy team member) is a master at martial arts, parkour and is a field agent alongside Aneisha and Zoe. Dan is nicknamed 'Mr Practical' due to his skeptical views of fantastical theories (as seen in The Dark Wizard) and often has an old school approach to his spy work, something touched on in Old School.

He was recruited to MI9 after being seen displaying his parkour skills, after chasing some thieves who stole an old lady's handbag. Dan is a skilled young warrior, but doesn't always make the right choices. He always wants to help his friends and does what he can to do so. He is very suspicious with people and careful with who he trusts.

He has a crush on Zoe, asking her out on a date. However, Zoe leaves off screen to find her sisters after the series, it is shown that she hasn't called him since she left and this upset him. Him and Zoe were often referred to as Romeo and Juliet. During several episodes, he shows interest in her and learns how to trust her. Dan is also very protective over Zoe.

Personality Edit

He doesn't believe in fantasy (shown in The Dark Wizard) and is annoyed when others go on about it. He seems to have an old school approach on things and is ready to do what ever it takes to be with his friends. Like Blane from the original team, he is quite hot-headed but cares for his friends a lot.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a crush on Zoe.

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